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Thread: Henshin Invisible Man Cyborg

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    Henshin Invisible Man Cyborg

    One of my favorite figures is a Neo Henshin Cyborg from Takara's 1999 revival. I thought it would be a fun project to emulate it with an Invisible Man.

    I gave him some Trek boot legs, and while I suppose I could have gone to the trouble and expense of locating a Cheron to cannibalize for the forearms, I just painted them instead. Usually I try to stick to mods that might conceivably have been done at a Mego factory, but I cheated here and painted just above the elbows. (They're still tacky and some fuzz is stuck to an elbow, LOL.) A Mego version would have just cast the forearm and hand as opaque black. I could've removed them for painting but whenever I take arms apart they're never the same after they're back together. And the Henshin had black above the elbows.

    Part of the fun of Henshin Cyborgs are the chromed innards. I painted a couple of engine halves from the Monogram 1/144 Saturn V kit silver and fixed them inside the torso with silicone. It was naturally a little tricky pulling the elastic through but I got it done with string laid in before resealing rather than using hooks. I tied the string to the elastic and pulled it through that way.

    The Cyborgs also have a skinny little chrome head inside the clear one, so I glued a chrome kit part on top of the neck post. It isn't very noticeable.

    The torso is painted clear yellow on the inside---pelvis on the outside. (The torso breaks apart very easily and cleanly.) I might also do the other clear body parts yellow, I don't know. Part of what I like about this Henshin is the clear limb shells with yellow parts inside. Obviously, I can't do that with the 8" figure.

    It was a fun project, although I think the end result is kind of goofy and does not do justice to the source material. About as close as one could get with the material though.

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