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Thread: So is THIS The RIGHT STUFF... Naphtha Head Shrink Question.

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    Question So is THIS The RIGHT STUFF... Naphtha Head Shrink Question.


    Bought this the other day and it was the only type of "Naphtha" My local hardware store offered.
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    That will do nicely.

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    I really need to get some of that.

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    I finally got some a few days ago. Got some heads soaking...

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    It's working on the new heads that I'm soaking. Acetone is much more extreme, with the swelling and shrinking. Just shrinking is kinda boring, but it's probably way better of a method. You don't get to see how small the head is going to be with acetone. You soak and hope. With naphtha, what you see is what you get. Like the size, take it out and your good.

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    I was looking to shrink some heads, thinking OG Charlie’s Angels, maybe move to Barbie and GI Joe...
    I can’t find naphtha, at least in Canada, tried eBay and Home Depot ... all I found was Coleman fuel and soap!
    If I find it; will it be ok on rooted hair, or GIJoe?

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    Rooted heads work, but probably not flocked.

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    Thanks, might it bring back the non matted condition too? That would be a bonus

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    That sparks an interesting question have any Canadians tracked down Naptha? I've never looked.

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    I'm fairly sure Coleman fuel is napath , check the ingredient list. That's what I used anyway on my original CA heads. Not certain the brand was Coleman, but it came in a red bottle and was BBQ fluid from Home Depot. It worked fine. I'm in Canada.

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