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Thread: Toy-Ventures: My Mego Meet Haul

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    I waffled on the Haunted House, but I'm glad to see it got a good home. I did get the little pumpkin lantern form Justin, and he nicely threw in a vintage pumpkin flashlight.

    I need to make sure to get over to the room on Friday night next year. I just missed it!

    Great video, and great haul! The Monster Squad box and Stretch Monster head were wonderful gestures.


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    Sounds like a great time.
    Your description of Mego Meet sounds like how I would describe Wonderfest, down in Louisville (which just happened a couple weeks ago, and is also the reason I will probably never make it to Mego Meet. Too close together)
    After 18 years of attending, the show itself is almost incidental. It's more about meeting up with old friends, and making some new ones. Cruising the dealers room is a hell of an added bonus though.
    It also attracts a few vintage toy sellers.

    Those blow molds are outstanding. I would love to have those myself.
    Don't run across too many in the wild around here though.

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