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Thread: Mego Meet 2019 Exclusive: Mego Corp to Release 8" DC Heroes to Select Stores

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    Apparently when I asked Joel if it was ok to discuss, he said " no pictures, but you can discuss in description".
    So here is a lift from the FB thread where we discussed:

    "Here is what I saw and heard. The 8" figures will be sold exclusively at three yet to be named retailers at the current 8" figure $14.99 pricepoint. They come in a window box with art similar to the current 14" figures. The BATMAN was in a black and gray outfit with just the black bat on the chest. (Similar to the first wave 14" Golden Age BATMAN we have now) To me, the head sculpt reminded me of my Toy Biz BATMAN 8" figure from 1989. (You know, the one in the all black outfit) The head sculpt to me looked totally NEW, it was NOT a re-do of the 1970's BATMAN head or a scaled down 14" head either. Compared to the classic Mego 8" BATMAN head, it had longer ears and white eyes. No "oven mitt" gloves, outfit are done pretty much as the current 14" line... Colored hands with sewn on gauntlets make up the gloves, removable plastic boots and belt. What I believe I heard was the figures will be the NEW 20 point of articulation "Rubber band-less" bodies. What I saw was this BATMAN I just described, also a FLASH, WONDER WOMAN and a John Stewart GREEN LANTERN. Silver age FLASH. WONDER WOMAN had eagle logo across her chest... Similar to the first three waves of the Mego 14" line. But like I said, these were just the prototypes."
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    This has piqued my interest, but a lot is going to come down to which retail outlets will carry them. Accessibility and availability to purchase will be the deciding factor if I get these or not. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt for vintage stuff, but for new releases it is just annoying and frustrating, and becomes a disincentive to buy in for me, and since I am on a limited budget and have to make some hard choices about what to use my resources on, when someone gives me a reason not to buy something, I usually take it.


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    Hopefully Target is one of the three retailers. I'll be there to grab them.if not first 2nd .but will get them

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    Quote Originally Posted by tllgn View Post
    Hopefully Target is one of the three retailers. I'll be there to grab them.if not first 2nd .but will get them
    This is the best news yet

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    I thought he had a Superman, too?

    They boxes are slick, reminiscent of the 14" in colors but different layouts. Target fubar'd the stocking of the initial launch so badly I couldn't imagine what would happen here. Most likely a bunch of adhesive tabs slapped on the back to hang them on pegs.

    It's an interesting mental game, because if it was Wal-Mart and Target you wouldn't need 4 outlets and they would effectively supplant Spinmasters before they hit the market. So I can't see it being retail giants.

    My guess....TOTAL guess...Hot Topic, Gamestop, BAM, B&K. They have the same demo and enough coverage to equal Target.

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    The character selection shown wasn't final but I hope they happen.

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    I would love it if Target was in on this because I can order then online.

    Hot Topic, Gamestop, BAM, B&K
    I would have to travel to check the stores and websites, and they are not as easy to order from.
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    I don't think hot topic ever carries figures but I admit I find most of my figures I want now at GameStop I don't know about Target, I like ordering their Megos online, but they sure don't seem invested in the line at retail, heck, I don't think they care about their toy section period anymore.

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    I would love to see a mix of classic and modern costumes. From all eras. Please give us a bunch of interesting, and oddball choices. Tons of Titans, Young Justice (comic and toon) and dare I hope for a Legion?
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    Hot Topic does sell figures. Though they seem to go back and forth on it. Sometimes there are several including exclusives and then sometimes they don't carry any at all.

    Wouldn't be surprised to see Gamestop in the mix. I feel pretty certain Target will take this ride again.

    I'll need to see the figures before commenting much, but this is definitely a big deal for Mego. Hope the Superman is good.

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