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Thread: Possible to repair Mego Star Trek tricorder?

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    Trek Possible to repair Mego Star Trek tricorder?

    I bought an original Uhura today at a local vintage toy store. She's in really nice condition. Only issue is that one side of the tricorder strap is detached. I build model cars and have decent dyi skills. I carved a recess into the body and shaped the strap to fit it. Next I tried to crazy glue it. That didn't work. Then I thought maybe to melt it and fuse it. That didn't work. Please respond if you have successfully reattached one of these straps. I'm curious if and how it can be done. Thanks!

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    This interests me as well, I have a number of accessories from different Mego lines that could use some repair ... The soft plastic is very difficult to fix due to its flexibility, where most glues are stiff and wont flex. I have read that Cyanoacrylate instant adhesives could work well, like Permabond 2050 ... anything that claims it will bond rubber might work. I personally have not attempted any repairs yet myself, I am looking for more advise prior to trying these things myself and possible ruining the accessories further.

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    There has been talk about a plastic weld that is light activated, I've had yet to try it. Stay away from Super-Glue! Cyanoacrylate will eat plastic. Turns it to dust. Epoxy resin glue needs a rough surface to bond to. Depending on how much you keep it clean, depends on how much it will be noticed.

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