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Thread: Got a couple of the new June 2019 figures

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    Feb 14, 2012
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    Other day I received Atom, Black Canary & FEAR Number One. Overall pretty happy with them, but I transferred Atom over to a DM swivel arm body, with a couple of old school changes, and Canary to a DM body with the hips pushed in, and a couple dabs of super glue to keep her top up tight. All spare stuff I had on hand, so not like these 'upgrades' really cost me anything.

    Might swap Number One over to a DM body, but I think looks fine as delivered ('the crest of Birdman's helmet!')

    Obviously I'm no photographer...

    Anyhow, just thought I'd share my thoughts on these 3 figures.

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    Thanks for the pictures and descriptions, Riderfan! I still haven't found time to open mine, but I know I will have to do some work on Black Canary's top.

    And this is the first open picture I have seen of Number One. I haven't purchased him or Birdman yet. I am waiting to see what is in the next FTC shipment first and maybe buying both of them in that order.

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