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I have NEVER... EVER before... gotten an actual CHILL along the back of my neck while looking at a MEGO custom action figure... until now.

This action figure is one of THE premier custom efforts I have witnessed in the 25+ years that I've been involved in this hobby.

And the presentation of this work of art with the stellar lighting and photography is itself a wonder to behold.

Simply put, I am in awe.
while I always deeply appreciate any comments to my creations, this one choked me up bro. Something about Mego - we all inspire each other, we all pay it forward, we are family.

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Between your Perseus & The Mighty Pegasus custom and this one, take a bow. These are really special. So very well done. I love the bloody base with posters! Which custom is your favorite you have ever done?
wow - who would be my favorite....hmm...I have made some fun figures, even conquered the Great White Shark playset. But to pick a favorite...I dunno. I will admit, after doing the Pennywise photoshoot, I had dreams about it. Never done that before with one of my creations.