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Thread: My Neptunian Starfleet Officer

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    My Neptunian Starfleet Officer

    Hi! I haven't been here for a very long time. Not because I don't like Mego (I do!), just most of my Mego is Star Trek, and I only recently after moving (like... 5 years?) put out my Star Trek figures, and in doing so, finally put together a Starfleet Officer I've always wanted to do, using parts I had readily available (and I'm not hung up on the colors). Neptunian Starfleet Science Officer! It's an easy one, I used 1974 uniform and Neptunian body and parts, and then some Dr. Mego updated accessories. I bet you have all already done this, and I'm late to the party lol. Anyway, hope you like and that everybody here is doing OK!

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    He's a spiffy crewman. I see you made Thelin, too.
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    They all look great!!!
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    Thanks! Yes, I made Thelin! He needed to be made! I actually just repaired him, he needed new boot/legs, he's all good now! I have some others, but maybe I already shared them a long time ago?

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    Could be Thelin is a spy for the Orion's? great group shot and Nepy never looked better.

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    And Dr M'Benga

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    Nice Work. I also enjoy the Star Trek Megos. Nice figures.

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    Awesome display and love the Neptunian Officer.

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    Thanks everyone. These figures were in storage for way too many years, and the wife and I picked up some glass store display cabinets and LED color changing lights from IKEA, and those lights changing really give these figures a great classic 'Star Trek' vibe. I'll take some photos of the other figures too, my wife took this one, mine always come out blurry lol. I just think it's fun to make more Starfleet Officers, I really am happy with the Neptunian Officer. I'm planning on sculpting and making Arex and M'Ress from the animated show eventually too (emphasis on 'eventually' lol). Anyone else here make those before? I have a lot of catching up to do on this site!

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    He looks great! Now you have me wondering if boots are regulation in Starfleet! Lol.

    Arex and M'Ress have been done a couple of times before (you should be able to find them if you search Finished Customs)... but I look forward to seeing what customs you come up with.

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