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Thread: Back Issues When You Were a Kid

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    Early teens, we started getting comic stores so I would get them when I could. Some comic shows too. I actually convinced my parents to do the mail order thing once (don't remember from who) and was rewarded with a VF copy of Amazing Spider-man 43 that was as advertised. Still have it.

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    I was spoiled when it came to back issues. I started at 9 years old buying comics on a weekly basis back in 1978...had the good fortune of having one of the biggest/largest back issue dealers in New York literally a walk across the mall parking lot. The Batcave which later became Comic Heaven and then finally Long Island Comics. Some may know the name Comic Heaven from California or Texas. That was the brother of my original LCS shop. Also, back then we had probably 5 or 6 comic book shops on Long Island and cold just hop on the train and got to at least 5 - 10 comic shops in NYC. So yeah, I was pretty spoiled when it came to back issues.
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    Once in a while if I was very lucky my mom would take me downtown to a comic shop like The Silver Snail and Dragon Lady — they were two of the bigger ones in Toronto and they had a bit of everything back to the golden age. I got my first Jack Kirby at Silver Snail — FF #60.

    This would have been about 1982. There was convenience store in a small suburban mall near me that had back issues that went back a couple of years. I always wanted to do the mail order thing, but I never did and when I look back at the prices I kick myself.

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    I had to trade comics with the receptionist at the Doctor's office who encouraged trades to freshen up the selection there.

    Flea Markets and used book stores were also a source until I finally got to go to Silver Snail in downtown Toronto around grade 7.

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