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Thread: 1/6 Scale Guns on EBay. A Review of Sorts. (Pic Heavy)

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    Oct 3, 2007

    Tip 1/6 Scale Guns on EBay. A Review of Sorts. (Pic Heavy)

    Hello. So many of you might have seen the 1/6 scale Joe scale weapons offered on eBay, but being from China and unsure of quality; You might have been resistant to invest. So I took the gamble and purchased a few. Take a look.
    First up was this batch of 6 rifles. At first I was confused about whether I'd end up with 6 rifles or 6 pistols. It turns out that each rifle comes with a pistol. (COOL). Going in I knew they were models and some assembly would be required. The instructions were at times perplexing but I managed. It helps if you had worked with foreign model making in the past. The instruction are mostly graphic. They do infer that the parts are numbered but there is no numbering on the parts tree.
    Joe-Guns (1).jpg
    Joe-Guns (2).jpg
    Joe-Guns (3).jpg
    As you can see from the few pics I can post. The scale on these varies from piece to piece. Some of the guns have fragile bits so I would not suggest these for heavy play ( display only!!!). Assembly was not too difficult only a xacto blade was needed to remove spar. The models fit together well enough in most cases that glue was not needed. These models were designed so that when assembled they will have movable part ( Bolts open and close on the rifles and Magazines can be removed from pistols etc.)

    In closing I'd say these are worth the effort if you like modeling as well as customizing. Most model kits offer a challenge to the builder but there is enough model making tips out there to aid a novice builder. The seller of these that I dealt with offered free International shipping with actual tracking (that was rare!) and the package arrived not too banged up ;D. I assemble all the kits in one sitting and had fun do so.
    Hope this helps.
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    Dec 22, 2007
    Cool post! Thanks for the info.

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