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Thread: SideShow Creature from the Black Lagoon (FREE)

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    SideShow Creature from the Black Lagoon (FREE)

    Sideshow Creature from the Black Lagoon, has broken forearm but I know someone here can fix it up
    with a little superglue and care although with glue the forearm will hold, but not bend at the joint,
    unless there's another way to fix and allow it to bend.

    It was never played with, I was examining it one day and in my clumsy attempt to display it,
    I dropped it on a concrete floor and the forearm broke off, so its just been stored away since,
    it might look good next to a Svengoolie display.

    I am also including the underwater speargun, the only thing missing is the capture net it came with,
    because it is broken, I am selling it to a memeber here for (free).

    The only thing I ask for is the shipping cost, the P.O. charges by weight and the sideshow figures were
    all hard plastic and a bit heavy, so if anyone is interested, please send me your address or just the zip code
    and I will weigh at the P.O. and let you know the cost to ship to you.

    Thanks for looking.
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    PM sent...

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    Damn! Very nice of you.

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