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Thread: Star Trek: Picard teaser

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    Quote Originally Posted by Werewolf View Post
    Next Gen suffered too much from weird forehead of the week alien designs
    Hallelujah! I thought I was the only one who thought that! Michael Westmore was definitely trapped in a mode where he saw the movie Klingons and said, "A-hah, put a bump on the nose and forehead... BOOM! Instant alien!" It was boring compared to the colorful characters of TOS (and the films)

    Quote Originally Posted by Earth 2 Chris View Post
    I like TNG well enough, well, after Season 3 or so. But the characters on that show were often so devoid of humanity, it made relating to them almost impossible. And the stories were often dull. The ones that stand out, like "The Best of Both Worlds" broke that mold. TOS was never dull. The character's had...well, character, and their inner conflicts were often as engaging as the great and fast-paced stories they were in.
    Amen! The dialogue was often whispered, mixed with the droning of the ship's engines, and the droning of the musical score (the producers' requested the scoring be dialed back to more background wallpaper). It did suffer.

    BUT, they had great actors, and great characters. I just wish there was that spirit of ADVENTURE that would make kids want to role play with phasers and tricorders in the backyard.

    Quote Originally Posted by palitoy View Post
    I enjoyed the Abrams movies and cast as well. I occasionally revisit the first and third one, the second one is fun to look at but a total mess storywise.
    100%. They are all fun, and the cast is great. I hope Tarrantino gets to do his movie with them.

    Last week I got to watch the first 5-6 episodes of Discovery on an airplane. I liked it a lot! But it didn't seem like Trek. It's weird... they obviously cater to older fans (with F-bombs in the dialogue!), you'd think they'd realize that older fans want the Star Trek TOS aesthetic that everyone enjoyed in Star Trek Continues and The DS9 Tribbles episode. And why change the Klingon designs again? Still, an enjoyable watch, but I won't pay to subscribe.

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    NYCC dropped a new trailer, and it is really hitting the right notes with me.

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    Good, good. That looks pretty cool now.


    Nice to see a hologram of Enterprise D.

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    Being an old TNG fan, naturally I'm a sucker for the fan service.. but I just don't have much optimism that the people who are currently in charge of Star Trek are capable of producing quality programming. I hope I'm wrong. But scenes from that trailer (like Seven of Nine going all Resident Evil) don't exactly fill me with confidence.

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