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Thread: Legends of the SuperHeroes outtakes

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    I remember watching this when it first came on (and SWHS). It was when one of the local channels where running reruns of Batman 66 and BAM my family watched both parts. We did not own a VCR back then (we just could not afford it) so decades later when I was in San Diego and attended my first sci-fi convention in the early 90's somebody had Challenge of the SuperHeroes, Star Wars The Holiday Special, and a VHS of UnReleased pilots (Batgirl, Wonder Woman, DicK Tracy). I bought them and enjoyed going back in time and watching them.

    I was disappointed in that the Shazam/Isis episodes did not have villains but this special had TWO Captain Marvel villains. Still to this day I watch them from time to time and enjoy the simpler times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PNGwynne View Post
    I was going to say something snide about the whole think seeming like outtakes
    I was about to do the same. I really wanted to love this in spite of everything. I just couldn't. As a kid, I felt it was insultingly bad. As an adult, I just could never get into the its so bad its good vibe. I still try and watch it every now and then, but I just can't make it through it.
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