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Thread: May the 4th, 1999

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    i remember the merchandizing blitz and excitement well. they were doing daily countdowns on shows like Entertainment Tonight. everyone was amped up for the movie. it was a good time to be a Star Wars fan. Maybe that is why I actually like PM the best out of the prequel films. it was just so magical to see new Star Wars for the first time in 16 years

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    It's hard to comprehend that its been 20 years, but that night was pretty awesome. I got to TRU around 1115 and I was the third in line. By the time midnight rolled around the line was around the building. When they opened I remember most of the crowd running ahead of me like maniacs. I simply stayed calm as I knew exactly what I wanted. While the carnage of dump bins was no doubt being filmed on security cameras, I strolled over to a shelf, grabbed the three 12 inch figures I wanted and went straight to the checkout. I was the first one through the registers and I was looking back at what appeared to be a battlefield of fandom, scalpers and desperation. I was probably home before the next person went through the checkout line.
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