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Thread: PlaidStallions Turns 13!

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    Congratulations! The site is a treasure trove of fun stuff. May those stallions run plaid for years to come.

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    Woah, PS is only a few weeks younger than my son. Those thirteen years just flew by, I can't believe that both are now teenagers!

    Congratulations, I'm happy for all the satisfaction, happiness and success that it has given you. Sometimes I stumble upon one of your photos (properly watermarked of course) on another forum, and it puts a big smile on my face. PlaidStallions has become so ubiquitous for stuff like this, I'll sometimes see a 70's fashion catalog pic posted somewhere with no PS tag and am suspicious that it might have been stolen from your site.
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    Happy Birthday, PS! I'm sure Brick is throwing a swinging party to celebrate. I look forward to what you post everyday, and the added entertainment of the podcast and the videos is just gravy. Delicious, brown gravy...on an orange plate.


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    Happy 13th!! I'm glad it lasted longer than five years!

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    Happy 13th anniversary! I'm so fortunate to live in a world where P. Stallions and Mego Museum exist. I'm grateful to MM founder Robyn Adams, along with Steve, Brian, and all the other mods who keep this site running. You guys have been instrumental in my enjoyment of this hobby, and the retro cloth community owe you a debt of gratitude. Thanks for all the laughs Brian. Please keep your always entertaining tributes to the toys and the 70's rolling in...100% polyster, or flocked to a tasteful degree.
    I post in thy general direction!

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    Happy Anniversary! Plaid Stallions is one of my very favorite websites covering the 1970's era toys and related items.
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    Congrats on the milestone.
    And thanks for all that you do. You always have such cool things to talk about, and a fun way of presenting them.

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