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Thread: Custom boot replacement options for Mezco 1:12 figures?

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    Custom boot replacement options for Mezco 1:12 figures?

    Currently, I'm working on a few custom Mezco 1:12 figure projects, but have hit a dead-end when it comes to modifying or replacing the boots.

    The choices are either
    A) re-paint the existing boots (works well if you're happy with the existing boots)
    B) replace the existing boots
    C) put something over to cover the existing boots

    Do you guys know of any solutions, either a compatible drop-in replacement boot or perhaps a method to cover the existing boots?

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    Yeah! I'm with you... That's the beauty of true Mego figures... With the exception of Star Trek figures, all had removable heads, gloves & boots and easy to customize. Nowadays, toy manufacturers spoil otherwise great figures like Hasbro 9 inch super heroes with molded gloves and boots. The same with Neca 8 inch and Mezco 6 inch figures. Many even decide to glue the cloth outfit to the molded gloves and boots attachment/joints spoiling the outfit too. Yuk!
    Well enough whining... Your reality is that the Mezco figures have molded boots so you will have Dremmel & paint these. Or remove from Marvel Legends figures and attach to the Mezco figures.
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    Lion Rock War Heroes figures...affordable and should be scale to the 1/12 Mezco.
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