So, recently I missed out on SI Grayson trousers, and I had to blow some collectible money as a distraction. Immature, I know...

I love playsets--I bought a huge Lone Ranger playset for my Mego American West dolls because Mego didn't make one.

And I think Mego's pirates are terrific!! Even though I can use all my cool Fighting Furies stuff with Mego, I wanted more! I've kit-bashed some more pirates, and then I bought the Big Jim Pirate Boat for them so that they'd have something unique. They look good in it.

It's a rowboat that can hold two Jims or all four Mego pirates, and it has a great cannon. The oars are a bit chunky for Mego hands. The boat measures 15"x 6" and will really float.