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Thread: 5 awesome things on ebay this week

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    Plaid Stallions 5 awesome things on ebay this week

    FunStuf Septor the stretchable space warrior- I seriously had never heard of this Stretch Armstrong knock off until i was in my 30s, he even has a (disappointing) villain by name of Garth.

    Ultra-Seven Baseball Glove- Combining two Japanese passions, Ultraman and Baseball. This would have kept my interest during my punishingly long experiences in "extreme outfield" as a kid.

    Skateboarding Horshack- I've never seen this before, boy, toymakers really thought the Sweathogs were the next Beatles.

    Canadian Star Wars Coke Poster- Not a big Star Wars guy but seeing this instantly brings back some happy memories. This was a fun summer.

    Electric Company Naomis Magical Match Up Game- I loved the Electric Company as a kid, it felt like a more "adult" version of sesame street. I never knew there were toys!

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    I loved Electric Company too.
    Also had no idea any toys were ever made.

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    I actually worked for Funstuf back in the mid 70's while in high school and a year after I graduated. One of my jobs was running the blister packing machine for the Septor and Garth figures. These figures were filled with corn syrup at a honey company in Lakeland and then packaged in the warehouse just north of Orlando. Worked with serveral other Funstuf items including their Pet Ghost, Nurd (another corn syrup filled product), Incredible Hulk, Thing, Dracula and Frankenstein Aniform figures, Spider-Man Web Shooter and Hulk Flying Fisr, and a few other small run items. Quit a lot of good memories.....

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