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Thread: It's official - I can sell new Mego

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    Great news. I will definitely come to you going forward.

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    I've put in a couple pretty large orders so far.
    Curious to see how fast they get product out to me.

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    SUPER cool Chad!!

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    Got my first round of shipments today.
    Kinda neat bustin' those boxes open after a long stressful day.


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    Cool how much for Spock with his Dress delivery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivaniski View Post
    Cool how much for Spock with his Dress delivery?
    I have not got that all figured out yet.
    I am still looking into shipping supplies, shipping costs and taxes I now have to pay.

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    Another round of packages arrived today. Still
    Waiting on a heckuva lot of stuff.


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    I'd definitely love to pick up some of your figures. Please let us know when your ready to take orders.

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    I have been looking into supplies and mailing cost. Geez, the Post Office sure got proud over the years....$14 for a medium flat rate box? Looks like first class size of box might be $7.95. I still have to check with UPS still. FedEx is not an option in my town - they closed every FedEx drop off place (way to go Decatur). I seem to remember when I shipped my Great White Shark playset, it was something like $28 per box...and dang, that was a BIG box.

    I am like so many of you - I want new Megos and the price is important. Price has stopped me from buying much of anything FTC these past few years.

    When I got my tax ID, it was to get The Boy and I the new Megos at wholesale - what we didn't want, sure, I'd flip. I am not going to need four extra Elvis figures lol.

    MegoMeet was my primary thought to unload dupes. My peeps get a good price and no shipping. But, I have been getting a lot of PMs and Facebook messages so I have to give it some consideration and mail out some figures. I love you folks, I have been a member here almost 20 years (holy cow Batman!) so why not.

    But, the way I am seeing it so far, it's gotta be at least $14 for the figure. I'm not gonna be one of those nickel-and-dimer kind of sellers...I am not going to track my time and gas money getting to the post office or whatever lol. But, I have to absorb a lot of overhead for very little, little profit. Boxes, tape, packing materials, and pass on the shipping costs to you. Not to mention PayPal will want their cut and I still have to pay taxes since I got an ID (which I really have no idea how much yet).

    If I was the person on the other side of the keyboard wanting to buy from me, the only real way I would do it, was to buy multiple figures and divy up the shipping fee to average out my purchase. $22-$24 to buy a single figure is not in my budget....probably not a lot of yours either. But, getting a box of six figures is probably going to cost the same shipping-wise as it would a single figure. Net weight for a box of size figures is still under 2lbs.

    Perhaps I am spending too much time on it and y'all don't care...I'm just wanting to give the best possible cost effective solution. MegoMeet is it - otherwise, dang...y'all gotta pay that shipping cost and it stings in my opinion. I'll do it for ya if you really want. I'll order another grand worth of figures and sit on em and take care of my folks.

    I did buy a domain name, so there is that on the horizon if I really wanna get carried away, but like most of you - I have family, a day job, a second job (my Super8 film preservation stuff) and now this. I am gonna burn the candle at all ends, but I love it.


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    on the shipping you could also have a "I don't care about the package" option for people that let the figures run free range. It could be shipped first class in a poly mailer for around 5 bucks including materials. I'd love a Elvis for a custom I have in mind so I don't care about the card one bit.
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