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Thread: Holy Bionic Theft! GI Joe Stole Steve's Jet ...Thing

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    Ok but how cool does the rocket jet car cycle thing look in black? Despite the body still looking like a Dustbuster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earth 2 Chris View Post
    Everything in Kenner's early "Dark Knight Collection" was borrowed from another line. The Batman and Joker motorcycles were both from the Robocop line. The Batjet as you say, from Silverhawks. And of course they recycled the Super Powers Batcopter in black. We finally got movie-accurate Batmobile and Batwing from them in the second wave of releases.

    And then there's Kenner's Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves line...the only thing new is the heads! And not even all of those are new!

    Exactly why Toy Biz is the cut-off point for vintage Batman toys in my collecting. Some of the Kenner Batman vehicles bring good money though.

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