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Thread: A Fun Essay on Da Creech

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    Frankenstein A Fun Essay on Da Creech
    Great little article essay about the the CFTBL trilogy.

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    Great article: Appreciate the tip. Thanks!

    The first movie will always be my favourite. I watched it again in 3D in any old theatre a couple of years ago. Sometimes the Gillman still scares me; in some ways, even more than when I was a kid (maybe it's true about the expression that we fear more as we age because we are more aware of what there is to fear). Creech is a fascinating character, IMO...who knows when he will officially be revivde as a strong contender in the contemporary Universal monster field. It would be neat that if the neo-Invisible Man truly sees the light of day at Universal, and if the Creature might actually turn up next, as a potential heavy hitter.

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