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Thread: 5 Awesome Things on Ebay

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    Plaid Stallions 5 Awesome Things on Ebay

    David Carradine Kung Fu Iron On Transfer- I have a mild obsession with the TV series "Kung Fu" and this is from Neal Adams, so this should be mine but I can't swing it right now. IT TASKS ME!

    Santo Photocomic- I'm not much for Wrestling but I loves me some Santo, this photo comic where he battles Women Deviless is right up my alley. I hope the next cinematic universe is Santo.

    Spanish Poster for "Baffled"- There is a poster for the TV pilot that Leonard Nimoy made in 1973? I want it!

    A carded Space:1999 Zython- Crap in a hat, does the internet not know my children want to go to college? Agggghhhh!

    Sword and the sorcerer Rack toy by Fleetwood- Few R Rated movies got toys and even less Albert Pyun movies did. This is special and should be celebrated.

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    Great stuff this week! And a carded Zython, I don't recall seeing one of these on ebay for a looooong time, sweet! (if ever, I know I've seen loose ones very occasionally)

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    Cool! Never knew there were any Sword and the Sorcerer rack toys!

    Looking for one CAH Mego Comic Activator (working or non working).

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