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Thread: Seeking Vintage Superhero MEGO SNAPSHOT PHOTOS Ca$h Paid

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    Hi Lonnie, yes I am PBA's pen & comics guy!

    I can totally understand why folks wouldn't want to sell their family pix; I'm the same way. That's probably why most of the pix in my collection are from the mid-20th century. The original owners have passed on and, sadly, their survivors clearly had no interest in saving their family photos. It always makes me happy to give these unwanted pix a loving home...

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    Come to think of it, I still have my old Mighty Thor Mego in a box in my closet. I'm pretty sure it still has the helmet, hammer, wristbands and boots. I'd consider trading it for a good enough Mego snapshot...

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    Let's see a snapshot of your Thor..

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    Ok, I'll dig it out of mothballs this weekend...

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    Found it!! Both legs are broken at the knees, not sure how that happened in a box in my closet!


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    My link isn't working. Is there a way to simply post an image without using a link? I'm very un-tech savvy...

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    on the buttons in a post box, 4th one in from the right is to insert images

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    Thanks, Nostalgiabuff. On my screen the 4th button from the right is "Unlink" (whatever that is!). The 3rd button from the right is "Insert Image", but it doesn't offer the choice of uploading an image from my desktop; it asks for a URL link. My URL link from Photobucket doesn't work. Maddening! Anyway, if anyone wants to see the Thor Mego pic, it's probably best to email me and I can then send the pic directly. My email is

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