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Thread: Seeking Vintage Superhero MEGO SNAPSHOT PHOTOS Ca$h Paid

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    Seeking Vintage Superhero MEGO SNAPSHOT PHOTOS Ca$h Paid

    Hi gang,

    I'm seeking vintage original snapshots with MEGO comic character toys in them. Other kinds of comic-related vintage snapshots also sought. Vintage originals only, please - no post-1980 photos, no copies or reproductions.

    If you have any to sell, please email images to me at



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    What are they being used for?

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    Yes. I am curious as well as to its purpose. I have originals of myself with Megos as kids but they are all washed out by the buddy reproduced the pics and was able to reduce the flash through digital skill and they look far superior...
    WANTS: Thrashed Riddler Box, RM mask (beater ok) ...and a pony

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    Hi, I don't have any use in mind except to add them to my collection! I collect vintage comic-related pix. I've been at it for almost 20 years and I have hundreds and hundreds of pix. My earliest comic-related photo is a cabinet card from the 1880s depicting a tobacco store with a cigar ad on the wall featuring a pre-Mad appearance of the Alfred E. Neuman character. I only have three vintage Mego pix (one Spider-Man and two Wonder Women) so I definitely need to improve this facet of my collection...

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    Hi Mike,

    Flash wash-outs aren't a dealbreaker. I like photos that display the side effects of camera technology of the times (parallax errors, double exposures, etc).

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    What you're asking for seems pretty difficult. I think many of us have such photos, but they're very personal. I have a nice one of me at Christmas 1978 with my Spider-Man Mego, but it's also the only pic I still have of my Mom and Grandma together. I could never sell it for any price.

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    I can certainly understand that sentiment. I have a pic of my mom and dad with a copy of Mad magazine taken shortly before I was born, and there's no way I'd ever sell it! Still, if you're not fussy about owning the original, I could certainly have a high-grade professional copy printed of your photo for you to keep. That's something I've done in the past for folks who were reluctant to part with treasured photos.

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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure this won't be happening. Sorry, but the precious few original photos of me when I'm a kid with my toys aren't going anywhere. I'm sure most here would feel the same.

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    I can't imagine anybody here selling such a thing.
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    Are you PBA Galleries Director of Fine Pens and Comics?

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