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Thread: Announced Figures 2019 (Restarted March 1, 2019)

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    Aug 30, 2005
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    Quote Originally Posted by Type Two View Post
    Hey, I am pleased as punch with the Super Powers Hawkman, but will FTC ever make a Super Friends Hawkman?
    What he said!

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    Mar 27, 2011
    Added Ski Trip Fred.

    As a note, I have no more information than you guys. I just try to keep a list of promises FTC gives us in their weekly announcements. I'm as disappointed as everyone else when something is announced and then we hear nothing else about it for months. (Lynda Carter Wonder Woman)


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    Mar 27, 2011
    Updated Now Shipping.

    Now Shipping!
    - 66 Batman 8" 12 pack boxed with Display Box
    - Batman 8" 66TV boxed
    - Joker 8" 66TV boxed
    - Penguin 8" 66TV boxed
    - Batgirl 8" 66TV boxed
    - Catwoman (Julie) 8" 66TV boxed
    - Catwoman (Eartha) 8" 66TV boxed
    - Bane 8"
    - Evel Knievel 8" black and yellow jumpsuit
    - Fred 8" Scooby Doo blue jacket variant
    - Abraham Lincoln 8" black suit
    - Abraham Lincolm 8" shiny suit
    - Jimmy Carter 8" blue suit
    - Jimmy Carter 8" white sweater
    - Gerald Ford 8" grey suit

    At this point, if someone else wants to take over the list (by starting a new list) I'll gladly let them take over.

    No judgement on FTC or anything else. I'm just losing interest in keeping the list.


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    I have total respect for that and very much appreciate what you have done for so long! Thanks so much!

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    I used to do lists like this on other toy boards waaaaaaay back and it is a lot of work! I thank you and salute you for the years of work that you have put into maintaining this list!

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    Dont forget Giganta

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    Isn't December where FTC releases a good deal of product?

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