It's hard to let this one go...Refocusing the collection. This came from the "Mego Zorro KING" David Scothern. It is a complete Palitoy/Mego Zorro. It is ALL ORIGINAL EXCEPT FOR THE DOC MEGO REPRO HAT. The sword has a bend in the tip and the guard on the sword is loose and rattles around. Easily replaced by a Mego Black Beard Sword. Hard for me to sell because Zorro is probably on the top 10 list of Mego figures Hard To Find/Grail lists. I've seen boxed ones in the past go for $5K. Loose ones usually are either never complete all original...and loose complete all original ones can go as high as $1K or more. Head paint is near perfect. Joints are solid. Outfit is in near perfect condition. No rips/tears/seamsplits...just a really clean outfit and figure. Message me if you are interested in the figure. Shipping is not included in the price. I can ship to other countries...but will only ship Global Priority through the USPS so the figure can be tracked. Yup Canada this also means you Thanks for looking.