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Thread: Phantom Grey Ghost

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    Wanted Phantom Grey Ghost

    Looking for a bagged Phantom Silver Ghost costume together with the grey head for the classic Castaway Toys Phantom. Have the Olive and Red. Just need the Grey Ghost. Thanks in advance.

    Or just the "Grey Ghost" head, would be ok. Thanks
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    If no costume available, would also be interested in just the Grey Ghost head. Thanks

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    I think I have it. Let me dig around
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    Phantom Grey Ghost

    Quote Originally Posted by thunderbolt View Post
    I think I have it. Let me dig around
    Let's hope so. Many thanks Thunderbolt.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Stll looking. Thunderbolt could not find it.

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    Managed to pick up the Grey Ghost costume. Just need a Grey Ghost Phantom head. If anyone has a spare one, please let me know. Many thanks.

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