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Thread: Random Noir's Exclusives @ MM 2019.

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    Apr 16, 2008
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    Pretty sure we only have 2 E-man left and then I'll see what else is in inventory if anything.

    Next year's plans are a bit ambitious but I'm starting now so I can have enough for demand and actually fill two tables. If all goes to plan we'll have well over 100 figures with FIVE all new characters plus the normal assortment of previous ones.

    Again, thank you for the support for our stuff. This has been a fun ride so far with some great figures still to come.
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    My Updated Want List:
    Comic book original art
    1970s Hulk or Spider-man metal garbage can
    Marvel Secret Wars figures (minty loose Falcon, Constrictor, Iceman, and Electro)
    Custom Nexus, Grendel

    Have lots of comics and Marvel Legends figures for trades. Thanks!

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