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Thread: Strike Out on Wave 4

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    Strike Out on Wave 4

    Went to two Targets this week and nothing new, just wave one hangers, but I did buy another Action Jackson since I have more costumes for him.
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    My local Targets look to have plenty of space for new 8" Megos, once they start to show up (hopefully Wave 4, not previous waves).

    I do worry about the new 14" Megos showing up at Target though, as we have quite a glut of them, partially, I think, because of how unbalanced the distribution of them was. I saw the blue Batman once and evidence of him maybe twice, at two different Targets in two different cities. We got A LOT of the Flash/Joker wave though. I think I might have to go online to get 14" Aquaman and Black Manta (this all assuming Target is carrying the new 14"ers).

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    Are they showing up at Target stores now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeattleEd View Post
    Are they showing up at Target stores now?
    Was supposed to be March, I thought.

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