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Thread: Did anyone get the Gold Cylon Mailer as a kid?

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    Another thing to consider... A lot of multi-figure packs were sold. I know that's how I got some of mine. So I didn't have 4 individual cards with proof of purchase on them. Even though I may have had the figures, because it was a multi-pack, I couldn't send away even if I'd kept the packaging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjefferys View Post
    I remember seeing that ad in comics and wanting a gold Cylon so bad. Alas, I only had bought three BSG figures at that point. I honestly don't recall anyone getting one of these in the mail (was the offer available in Canada too?) but the BSG toy fad didn't seem to last too long in our neighborhood.
    Yup the offer was available in Canada-pretty sure I (or my mom) cut off the mail in part from the inside cover of a Spiderman comic. I still got a couple gold Cylons packed away somewhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hedji View Post
    Probably not many went out because I just don't think these had the numbers that Kenner did with Star Wars. Only 6 figures were made, and you had to save proofs from 4 of them. I think I had 3 of the figures as a kid, and the packaging was long discarded.

    I have all the figures loose now...

    Except the Gold Cylon.
    Actually there were 10 figures in total. After the mail in offer I'm pretty sure the gold Cylon was part of wave 2, along with Lucifer, Baltar & Boray. I think these were pretty rare, and don't think they were ever sold in Canada.
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    I mailed away. I loved the art on the cards, so I kept them. I had 2 silver cylons, imperious leader, Starbuck, Adams, and a tan daggit. I got an extra Hulk comic to cut up that cover. Hated cutting the backer cards and mailed away. I remember specifically what it came in, cause it was so surprising to me. 12 yr old me thought they would send the figure on a card in some sort of package. What I got was a brown padded envelope with my address and a return address to Mattel. I remember because my mom knew to look for it. We lived in an apartment and packages came to the front desk. It came in our mailbox. Nothing else, just the figure. I eventually also got Baltar and Lucifer, too. Or I should say my mom got them for me as a gift. There were two toy stores near us and she told me that at the first one she went to (which was locally owned)...she asked a guy working there if they had them and his response to her was "The show is cancelled, lady!" :D I'm not sure she ever went back to that store any more.
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