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Thread: My Updated 2019 Want List (looking for complete, original vintage Mego)

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    My Updated 2019 Want List (looking for complete, original vintage Mego)

    Hi everyone! Here is my updated want list for 2019. I know it’s a lot of rare hard-to-find stuff, but if anyone is selling, please let me know! I am looking for loose, complete, and all original vintage figures/vehicles/playsets/parts in good condition. Thanks!

    • Red hair Dracula
    • Blue hair Frankenstein
    • T2 Dracula
    • Lion Rock T2 Dracula (snap cape)
    • Lion Rock T2 Frankenstein
    • Lion Rock T2 Wolfman
    • Lion Rock T2 Mummy
    • T2 Shazam with cloth emblem
    • Vinyl cape Shazam
    • Vinyl cape Supergirl
    • Vinyl cape Superman
    • Popy Battle Fever France
    • Popy Battle Fever Kenya
    • Popy Ultra Seven
    • Popy Ultraman
    • Basa El Hombre Nuclear
    • Lili Ledy Mr. Mxyzptlk
    • Lili Ledy Captain America
    • Lili Ledy Riddler
    • Lili Ledy FF Iron Man
    • Lili Ledy FF Green Arrow
    • Lili Ledy FF Tarzan
    • Lili Ledy Shazam (late issue with red outfit and plastic belt)
    • Lili Ledy Robin (late issue with plastic belt and green shoes)
    • Lili Ledy Supergirl
    • Lili Ledy Batgirl
    • Lili Ledy Catwoman
    • Cipsa General Ursus
    • Cipsa Cornelius
    • Cipsa Dr. Zaius
    • Cipsa Bill
    • Jet Jungle
    • AJ Amigo
    • AJ red card desert outfit
    • AJ red card fishing outfit
    • AJ red card rugby outfit
    • CAH wonder woman with stand
    • CAH Penguin with stand and umbrella
    • CAH Joker with stand and cane
    • CAH Green Goblin with stand and satchel
    • CAH Hulk with stand

    • 8" Spider-Car
    • AJ Camper
    • Dinah-mite Campmobile
    • GWS Shark
    • Grey AJ Mustang
    • Ivanhoe Knights Jousting Horse
    • OMBC Hairy Rhino
    • OMBC Tyrannosaurus Rex

    • Mad Monster castle
    • Flintstones boxed playset
    • Greatest American Hero boxed convertible bug giftset

    • Blackbeard sword
    • Supergirl peace belt
    • AJ plastic rescue squad helmet
    • AJ rifle with bayonet
    • pair of white AJ Mustang stirrups
    • pair of brown POTA Action Stallion stirrups
    • CAH Wonder Woman lasso
    • CAH Captain America shield
    • Western rifle (Buffalo Bill/Cochise/Davey Crockett)
    • Western pistol x2 (Buffalo Bill/Wild Bill Hickock/Wyatt Earp)
    • Western knife (Cochise/Davey Crockett)
    • Pirate pistol (Blackbeard/Jean Lafitte)
    • Tiger Jack feather (Tex Willer)
    • Tiger Jack belt (Tex Willer)
    • Lili Ledy red gloves (Robin/Captain America)
    • Lili Ledy blue gloves (Batman)
    • Lili Ledy green gloves (Aquaman)
    • Lili Ledy yellow plastic superhero belt (Batman/Shazam/Aquaman)
    • Lili Ledy Penguin black boots
    • Captain America blue plastic shield (late issue)
    • Green Arrow Car missile x2
    • Wayne Foundation chair x2
    • Wayne Foundation clip
    • Wayne Foundation top floor backdrop
    • Speedy hat
    • Zorro cape
    • Wyatt Earp hat


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    If you missed him, Cipsa Zaius available here :!

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