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Thread: The Batman Family & Foes

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRDouble View Post
    Thanks for the comments. We have been lucky and spoiled by the Mego-style goodness we have been gifted with in recent years; something that is not always apparent by some of the comments. FTC has been a HUGE part of the renaissance.
    I couldn't agree more - that's a great group shot. I'd like to think I am a decent customizer, and I couldn't beat that making figures by hand, one by one.

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    I just got the new Robin today and he is even better than in the picture! I'm really, really happy with this one, the sculpt is simply perfect. Redoing classic Megos only makes sense when you manage to improve on the original and FTC certainly delivers with this one. Although I kind of like their new Batman I still hope FTC will give it another try for the Outsiders line and we'll get a Caped Crusader that's as perfect as this Robin.

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