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Thread: Where does Don West Sleep ? .... Lost in Space talk

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    Quote Originally Posted by ODBJBG View Post
    He sleeps with Dr. Smith.
    Ohhh Major the pain.

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    I thought I also remembered cryo sleep tubes at one point...possibly one of them is utilized for normal sleep...

  3. Ok. It is really simple. Each of the children had their own cabin. Don had his. Smith gets trapped on board. Therefore Judy had to double up with Penny so Smith and Don could have their own rooms. Now this changed after Don and Judy got married in "Voyage to the Bottom of the Soul" the series Bill Mumy wrote for Bubblehead press after Innovation comics dropped the ball. All of this is never mentioned on the show but it is obvious if you watch the show. There are several episodes that showed Judy and Penny sharing the same cabin.

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    I always kind of figured they took it in shifts
    Warm up?! We may as well sit around this cigarette!

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