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Thread: Transplanting Heads

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    Transplanting Heads

    I was curious if anyone has attempted to attach a Mattel head (Welcome Back Kotter, Space 1999) on to the new Mego bodies. Heck, or even old Mego bodies. And if the transplant were successful, would it be a bobblehead? I don't have one on hand so if you've done it please let me know before I bother buying one to try myself. Thanks!

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    The Mattel heads are big. And they are made to sit at an angle. It will probably look big and looking oddly up.

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    The Mattel heads that may work on the new bodies are the shrunken 8" scale heads they used for their Real Men line (finger puppets meet action figures). Some of those heads are actually Big Jim heads scaled down, and they are made very much like the new Megos (male plug on the neck, female hole in the head). Hadn't even thought of trying them until now, honestly. Not sure if the neck connection is compatible or if the result is a neck too long or too short, though. Another big problem is going to be flesh tone; the modern Megos are a lot less Malibu tanned than figures of the 70's/early 80's.

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