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Thread: *****Customego Hall of Fame Class of 2019 Announced!!!!*****

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    Gold Star *****Customego Hall of Fame Class of 2019 Announced!!!!*****

    The Customego Hall of Fame proudly announces it's class of 2019.

    Since the very first Mego action figure was produced, they have been customized by children of all ages. Armed with leftover parts, acrylic paints, Sculpey, and the mission to “fill in the gaps” in the lines Mego made legendary, customizers have played a vital role in the hobby reaching its enormous popularity and are the inspiration for the Re-Mego Renaissance we are experiencing today!

    The Customego Hall of Fame seeks to recognize and honor these legendary customizers AND customs of the hobby. And, without further adieu it is our honor to present to you the Customego Hall of Fame class of 2019:

    Robyn Adams The founder of, Robyn created a place for customizers to share, learn, grow, and, most importantly, discover that we were not alone in the universe. We are eternally grateful and in debt to her for this. We inaugurate Customego Contributor Robyn Adams.

    Troy Younger “Aquatroy” has been a contributor to the Customs page almost from the start. Troy's customs are some of the most sharp and clean in the hobby. His most notable work includes the original X-Men, numerous Golden Age comic book characters, and Filmation style DC super-heroes. His sculpting skills are second-to-none, developing his own style early on which is immediately recognizable. We inaugurate Customego Customizer Troy Younger.

    James Brady James Brady aka Captain Dunsel is most famous for his highly detailed extension of the Mego Star Trek line. A talented sculptor in his own right, James' head sculpts have been used by EMCE Toys, and currently by the resurgent new Mego Corp. James has also has been a generous contributor to the hobby offering patterns and video tutorials on his Mego Madhouse website AND live, in person tutorials at the original New York City Megocon in 2004. We inaugurate Customego Customizer James Brady.

    Dave McCormick “Dave Mc” as he is known at the Mego Museum is not only a world-class customizer, but also moderated and maintained Customego at the Mego Museum for years. His most noted custom works include the George Reeves black and white Superman; the Watchmen; and the Jousting Horse blankets. But his customego Star Wars line, which was prominently featured in the 1978 Re-Imagined catalog, is legendary! We inaugurate Customego Customizer Dave McCormick.

    Paul Evans Besides making his own wonderfully Megoesque customs such as Golden Age Flash, Black Canary, and Dr. Fate, Paul has been an instrumental collaborator and contributor on some of the most iconic Customego projects ever, including Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Wars from the 1978 Re-Imagined catalog. We inaugurate Customego Customizer Paul Evans.

    Brian Leitner No customizer's work past or present epitomizes the word “Megoesque” or embodies the question “What would Mego do?” more than Brian Leitner. His Chicken Coop Customs page is a literal time-machine with only one destination: 1974. And, we have been blessed for the past 20-plus years to be able to go back in time with him. We inaugurate Customego Customizer and Contributor Brian Leitner.

    Mike Barrett “Hawkmike” will forever be remembered as the Customego equivalent of Mr. Gambi, the tailor who makes all of the costumes for Flash's Rogues Gallery. From Superheroes to Science Fiction, Mike was willing and able to create costumes and clothing with merely a reference picture and simple instructions. Literally hundreds of Customegos would not exist today if not for his skill. Sadly, we lost this amazingly talented and generous man in September of 2018. We inaugurate Customego Contributor Mike Barrett in Memoriam.

    Stealth Iron Man by Jim Hampton Complete with a metallic feel and equipped with red LED lights in his eyes, chest piece, and glove, this figure is the very definition of “Megoesque” A literal carbon copy of the original Mego Iron Man (but in his dark blue, stealth armor from the comic books) this figure is the answer to the question: “What would Mego do?” We inaugurate the Customego Stealth Iron Man.

    Batman and Robin by Bryan Bossart From the long ears on Batman's cowl to the detail on Robin's belt; from Batman's “winged” cuffs to the yellow stitching on Robin's tunic. These Batman and Robin figures are near perfect in every detail. We inaugurate the Customego Batman and Robin.

    Marvel/DC Amalgam Universe by Scott Arendsen Born from the 2015 Mego Meet Exclusive Super Soldier figure, Scott Arendsen has customized no fewer than 20 characters from the Amalgam Universe. It is no exaggeration when we claim that these figures look like they “jumped off the pages” of this 1996 collaboration between Marvel and DC. We inaugurate the Customego Amalgam Universe.

    Battle of the Planets by Jason “Black Knight” Roberts Leaping right out of our television screens is G-Force! This set of highly detailed customegos brings to life, like never before or since, Mark, Tiny, Keyop, Princess, and Jason. We inaugurate the Customego Battle of the Planets.

    The inductees will be honored with a special internet presence on Facebook at showcasing the customs and customizers enshrined.

    The Customego Hall of Fame class of 2019 induction ceremony and dinner is planned for all honorees on June 13th at the 2019 Mego Meet in Columbus, Ohio at the Courtyard by Marriott.

    Tickets for the event can be purchased for $30 each by going to and using the gift option. Dinner will include a three course meal with your choice of: pasta primavera or chicken Tuscany. In addition, EVERY paid attendee gets a “customizer goodie bag” courtesy of Classic TV Toys and Figures Toy Company.

    Honorees were chosen by the Customego Hall of Fame panel of Austin Hough, Brian Heiler, Steve Moore, and Scott Arendsen. Individual inductees require a three-fourths majority vote to be enshrined, while each voting member has one unvetoable vote for an individual custom's inclusion.

    The goal of the Customego Hall of Fame is to honor customizers and customs that have made an undeniable impact on the Mego customizing hobby. Inductees are chosen by the Customego Hall of Fame panel on an annual basis and announced at the beginning of each year with a ceremony and dinner at that year's Mego Meet and inclusion in the online Customego Hall of Fame.

    Please join the us in welcoming the second annual class of Mego customizers and customs into the Customego Hall of Fame!
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    Congrats to all! Really great seeing the concentration of custom content and appreciation for it.

    They might come one at a time, or in driven bursts… we make toys around here and that's just damn cool!

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    Amazing talent!

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    I personally have done business with 3 of these folks, real nice people with great talent, very much deserved praise for all.

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    Congratulations to the Class of 2019! I have a crazy amount of respect for everyone on this list.

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    Congrats to the class of 2019!!!

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    Congrats to all of you guys. Much deserved.

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    Well deserved! Congratulations to everyone!
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    awesome list!

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    All tremendously talented people who deserve enshrinement. Congratulations!
    I post in thy general direction!

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