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Thread: 5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

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    Plaid Stallions 5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

    A piece of the StarLost- "The Starlost" was this Canadian Science Fiction show that Harlan Ellison created (and violently disowned, go figure), it's all shot on videotape and well, it looks like a Doctor Who where not much happens. They played this show a bajillion times thanks to "CanCon" laws (a certain segment of your broadcast day had to be produced in Canada) so I've seen every episode a bunch.

    The most impressive thing about the show is the ship it's based on and this is a piece of it! I'm seriously considering buying this. I just don't know how yet.

    Hombre Invisible- In Mexico they did really cool and innovative things with Big Jim dolls like making him Bionic or in this case, invisible. It's a simple little trick but it adds mounds of play value, I love toys like this.

    Durham's Soaring Spider-Man Plane- I realize Spider-Man of all people didn't have and couldn't fly a plane but LOOK AT THAT BOX ART! PRETTY!

    The Blue Knight Police Patrol Car by Larami- I always get amused when I see the plethora of items Larami made for this (totally forgotten) TV series . It's like they had a meeting and said "Kid's love George Kennedy, let's double up on that!"

    A whole mess of Shinsei UFO Commander Vehicles- I was fascinated by weird toys with no back story like this as a kid, I know as an adult they were just repackaged Japanese items (to be frank I suspected it then) and I view it as one of the more interesting things about growing up when i did. As a kid, I swore I'd solve mysteries like this and well, I'm sitting in a room full of toys typing away about them 40 years later....

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    That Hombre Invisible is awesome! The Spider-Man Plane is really neat, as well. I feel like I’ve seen it before or something very similar.

    - Ian
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    Man, I've wanted an Hombre Invisible for years, great figure!

    Every time I hear about something like Starlost and have absolutely no idea what it is makes me realize that I watched very little Canadian TV as a kid compared to the rest of you canucks.

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    What is it about George Kennedy that always makes me laugh? He’s like a big teddy bear trying to be taken seriously.

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    George Kennedy. Watched him in RiffTrax's Nightmare at Noon.

    Star Mites. I bought some of those a few years ago. Pretty cool toys.
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