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Thread: Who wore flip-flops?

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    Who wore flip-flops?

    I obtained a headless Mego male body that had molded-on black casual sandals. He also wore white 'briefs'. His biceps had a rotating seam and was much more posable than most on account of it.

    Look though I may I can't find the corresponding character anywhere. I make riders for Traditional sized Breyer horses. I since have customized the figure and have given him leather Western boots so I can't provide a photo. But can someone tell me what body I've been working with? I'd like it for before and after images of the new guy.

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    By gum, you are right!

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    That's a line I had clearly never heard of! I really like the swivel arms. They allow much more natural posing for what I make.

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    Nope. Sandals are different. It's pretty clear that it's a Rainbow Bible Greats figure as noted I the second reply. I had never heard of the line. I like the looks of Biff Bang Pow figures but they are very flimsy and I have had two arrive already broken, so I try to avoid them.the plastic is really soft and the eyelets break at the hips and shoulders. Not good for my purposes, sadly.

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