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Thread: Another year, another postal shipping rate change

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    Sep 15, 2014

    Another year, another postal shipping rate change

    This one is going to hurt online sellers. Unless you're selling high end items, then another $0.65 won't make or break you.

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    Wow, that does suck.

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    the PO is disorganized chaos. they actually deliver twice a day to us now a days. Once with packages and then a second truck later in the day with packages. this was not just around the holidays either. it's no wonder they are losing money, total waste and mismangement

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    shipping fees are ridiculous these days...doublely worse for our Canadian/International folks...
    Shipping fees were the #1 reason I did not trade with folks to get new Mego figures. Adding $8 on top of the price of the figure was a hard pill to swallow...patience finally paid off and I got everything on my wish list, but dang...I think when I started using USPS Priority, the little boxes were $3.35 and they are now over $7. If gas was still $4 a gallon then perhaps I could understand, but we have prices reflective of 2004-2006 era right now ($1.80ish)
    On the plus side, when I do ship or receive shipped goods, I have not had any issues...none of the horror stories I've read.

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