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Thread: FTC Plug Gloves to Mego 2.0 Body?

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    FTC Plug Gloves to Mego 2.0 Body?

    I had an extra FTC Super Friends Aquaman head, so I decided to try and attach it to a Mego 2.0 body... it worked out better and easier than I expected! So I decided to do a full swap of the SF Aquaman to a Mego 2.0 body. The last part is swapping the hands out for the pegs that FTC uses for their molded gloves.

    Are the hands on the Mego 2.0 bodies easy to pop out? I assume It will have to apply heat to pull them out? And does anyone know if the hand holes are standard size and will easily take the FTC pegs?

    I'm kind of mad that I only bought female Mego 2.0 fodder during the Buy Two, Get One sale. I have a few more extra FTC heads and costumes that I wouldn't mind moving to Mego 2.0 bodies, if they can take the peg glove hands.


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    Give it a few weeksand I'd bet there will be a nice Clearance price on remaining figs.

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