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Thread: Whatís the deal with Fortnite?

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    Whatís the deal with Fortnite?

    I have zero interest in Fortnite, but I get itís hot right now. My issue is with the toys. They look great, but I canít help notice the 3 3/4Ē line pricing. Here in Canada Iíve seen them listed from a low of around 20 bucks up to the low forties!?? The MacFarlane figures are up there too, but they donít seem to be as prevelant as the Jazwares line.
    Is it really that popular? Do the figures come with shares in the company? What am I missing here.
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    These dropped on Dec 1. and were sold out everywhere by Dec 3. They have excellent articulation and construction and actually attract collectors AND kids! I got a set plus one Drift for a custom. My favorite is the Turbo set. The modular playset pieces are excellent and I would love to get more of the metal panels.


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