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Thread: According to Bloomberg-Mattel loses boys toys rights for DC

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    Jul 19, 2016
    In another article I read on the Mattel loss of license, it was mentioned that Hasbro's deal with Disney for the master license for Marvel and Star Wars expires in 2020, and most people assumed Disney would just re-up with Hasbro, but this move has raised the possibility that Hasbro could get some competition as companies may look at this move and try to woo Disney for the licenses (some were speculating Mattel might even be desperate enough to try to overbid for them since they lost the DC license, but I think this is just idle wild speculation not anything likely to happen, but this loss by Mattel could start a chain of dominoes that entirely shakes up the toy industry.


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    Honestly, the DC and Star Wars licenses need fresh eyes on them anyways. Hopefully whomever gets them takes a fresh approach.
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