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Thread: New figures from FTC

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    Dear Santa,

    All I want for Christmas is ...

    1. FTC Superfriends Joker
    2. FTC Cheetah
    3. FTC '18 Robin
    4. FTC '18 Nightwing
    5. FTC Trench coat Joker
    6. FTC JFK
    7. FTC Regan
    8. FTC Bush Sr
    9. Bush "W"
    10. Clinton
    11. FTC 12" Robin
    12. FTC 12" Batgirl
    13. FTC 12" Penguin
    14. FTC 12" Aquaman (!!!)
    15. FTC 12" Riddler

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    Mary Marvel is pretty enough but 50 dollars??? I'm kind of in a financial limbo and I can't afford that kind of money one just 1 figure.

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    Hey guys, does anybody know what boots they use on the hulk body figures, like the Creeper and Grundy? They look a little like the 12 inch motorcycle boots or no?

    "Do you want a doll?" Kurt

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    Doh! I just ordered before the new figs went live! Crud! I need that Joker!

    Can anyone tell me whats different about the wave 6 Robin? Is that the same as the TT figure?

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    I think its on an eight inch body using the TT head.ordered ManBat .Joker and NightWing.ManBat's Bodysuit reminds of those Puffed up SUMO things kids wear lol

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    I was really looking forward to Man-Bat, but ... that's a huge disappointment. At least as a Bronze Age representation.
    The muscle body is an odd choice, especially when you consider FTC used the standard 8" body for Solomon Grundy. The coloring seems wrong to me as well; I would've gone with a dark grey, which is how he was always depicted in the 70s. Odd.

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    The Mego Museum newsletter says Hawkman is available but I don't see it anywhere on the site. Am I missing something?

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    Amazon has a picture of Man-Bat out of package and from the back. Still not a fan of the body choice, but I see what they were going for. Love that headsculpt though, and can't wait to customize him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceAgent View Post
    The Mego Museum newsletter says Hawkman is available but I don't see it anywhere on the site. Am I missing something?
    I read that too, but Hawkman is still not listed. I may wait until Monday to place my order... or email them to see if itís coming next week.

    I am in for the whole Batman series, The Clauses and SF Joker.

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    Great news!! Going to order Robin the Teen Wonder and 12 inch Aquaman. I was disappointed that Hawkman and Giganta were not included in this list. I can't wait for either version of Hawkman!!

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