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Thread: New figures from FTC

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    Quote Originally Posted by PNGwynne View Post
    Neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist (2 ways), waist, hips, knees, feet. I count 16. Possibly 1 more on gals if they count the waist ball-joint as two.
    I only got as high as 14, I wasn't sure about the wrists counting as two each (hinge AND swivel), but that was the only thing that made sense. :^)

    The female figures' neck joint should really be counted as two points of articulation as well, although the swivel at the top of the neck is pretty much rendered moot by the gratuitous strung range of motion afforded at the base...

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkbros View Post
    That’s how Deborah Domaine Cheetah was in the silver age. See JLA 195-197 if you have DC Access service.
    Very true, but that is not how she appears on the card-backs of the previous figures in her series (in which she sported a very reserved throat-high neckline). The art has been brought up-to-code on her own packaging (card front and back). :^)
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    Mar 31, 2018
    I noticed that FTC has most of their presidential figures up, but no sign of Mr. Trump or Obama. Any update on when/if those two might come?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mary Canary View Post
    I kind of like the Man Bat, even though I'll never buy him. He's just so goofy and cartoony looking.

    When is Black Canary going to be available?
    I'm not trying to be negative. I will pass on this one.
    Still hoping for an awesome Lynda Carter Wonder Woman from FTC
    "May fortune favor the foolish"

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    I was excited about Man-Bat, but I’m very confused about the body choice. The suit makes sense, because the wings need something to be attached to, but the iconic Man-Bat is grey in color, as well as lean and sinewy in body. I suppose it’s unlikely that a variant version of this figure will be released in the future...hmmm. I may still get him, but I’ll probably wait until he’s offered bagged or pieced out sometime next year. FTC was been generating outstanding fantasy output of late (Dr Fate, Firestorm, Red Tornado, the Super Friends), so expectations are pretty high. I must say, Man-Bat has not met my fantasy expectation!

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    I'm waiting for Black Canary.

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