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Thread: Overlord Movie

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    Overlord Movie

    I went to see Overlord tonight. I've been interested in seeing it since I saw the first trailer.

    At the basis of the movie it's played off as the movie version of the Call of Duty Zombie game but it's much more than that. It takes place on D-Day, hence the title. It's produced by JJ Abrams and has some recognizable faces in the cast. Also I didn't realize until afterwards, but Kurt Russell's son Wyatt Russell plays in it.

    I thought it was shot well, had some suspense and some horror elements that fit in with the R rating it has. I really did enjoy it and some parts are a tad predictable but it still was a pretty cool movie.

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    Never heard of it, but will certainly have a look.

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    Exactly one year after your thread..I finally watched it last night on Amazon Prime.


    Going in, I thought it was a low-budget flick, but it’s not...

    You called it, it was shot has beautiful cinematography. The downing of the bomber with protagonist soldiers on board scene was amazing...harrowing/terrifying...what a boss scene.

    Well acted too. The lead actor was likable. The tough as nails unit commander was baddarze. The lead NAZI made for a great villain.

    The French actress was hubba, hubba, ha...

    Great WWII/Horror movie.

    I loved it! I strongly recommend it.

    I’m gonna watch it again...

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    I have less and less tolerance for gore as I age, but this film sounds interesting.
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