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Thread: NorCal & SoCal burning [again]… Bleak House in fire's path.

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    Aug 8, 2012

    NorCal & SoCal burning [again]… Bleak House in fire's path.

    …In addition, Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro tweeted that his memorabilia-stuffed Bleak House might be in danger – he evacuated last night – but that “the gift of life remains.” Bleak House holds the director’s vast horror-related collection, including more than 700 pieces of original art, life-size wax recreations of Hollywood horror characters, Alfred Hitchcock memorabilia, and various movie props.

    “Evacuated last night,” del Toro tweeted today. “Bleak House and the collection may be endangered but the gift of life remains. Thousand Oaks and Agoura are still in danger. Malibu is being evacuated.”…

    The fire that wiped out Paradise, near Chico yesterday, did so in record time on high winds. 30K people displaced and first responders have reported the entire town is pretty much gone.

    Be safe out there fellow Californians!

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    Oh crap, not Bleak House. I went to an exhibit last year that had a lot of Del Toro's collection on display, it would be such a shame if it all were lost.

    Stay safe California peeps!

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    Feb 17, 2015
    I remember seeing a report after the Oakland fires in the early 90s about a house that was untouched among other homes that burned down around his. The home owner explained what he used to keep it from burning.
    Seems most people are unaware of this, or it's too expensive.
    Can't be sure, maybe it was this one.

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