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Thread: Five Awesome Things on Ebay this Week

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    Plaid Stallions Five Awesome Things on Ebay this Week

    Another weekly recap of all the things I sincerely can't afford to purchase at the minute. Oh well, where would i put it?

    Remco Star Trek Instant TV- I have this fascination with the Remco Star Trek toys, they're just previously existing toys with "STAR TREK" written on them but for some reason, I WANT THEM ALL. I've never seen this one before and it's not helping me tame the collector monster that lurks inside me.

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    Torak! Falcon 80 is GI Joe from Brazil and they just got crazy with the science fiction and it included a villain character that GI Joe totally deserved. These are crazy expensive and hard to find but now they're being reissued and you can get a MIB one for a tenth of the price. I can't wait for more characters.

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    Denys Fisher Cyberman- I love Mego, I love Doctor Who and i think the Cybermen are boss. This figure was all i thought about in 1998 and i grossly overpaid for one that year. Now you can buy one for much less than I paid in 1998.

    Aquaman's Supersea Aquarium- Before I had kids, i had this groovy office filled with Aquaman toys. This piece was my holy grail but i could never pull the trigger on it because logical as it is, it's an aquarium with a picture of Aquaman in it. Why is it so neat?

    Bionic Woman Shower playset from Mexico. I hope all that water doesn't short out her bionics! Kenner did give the Bionic Woman doll some action related accessories but this is definitely not one of them.

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    How come no one has thought to make an Aquaman aquarium again?

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    That head-sculpt on the Cyberman is really bad.

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    I collected Aquaman for a while. I sold off the DCU, pops, etc but I still love the megos. I think I'll keep the Super Powers figure and Aparo issues for good measure.

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    The instructions on the Bionic Woman doll clearly says "Do not immerse in water". If the doll got wet, the "clicking" sound of her "Bionic hearing" would be ruined. So I dunno who thought this shower set was a good idea!
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