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    Welcome to the Mobile Training Tower located today in the Steak and Ale parking lot off of Interstate 30 here in lovely Greenville, Texas. The training here will be short but intense, I guarantee. First objective is drive the tower 30 feet with dying and get me a snowcone. Drive back. Then you will ascend this tower minus safety lines or bungee cords or helmet. No, you don't need a parachute. It wouldn't have time to open anyway. Then the floor panel will activate and you will be dropped 30 feet. You might give a surprised cry of alarm. This is natural. Upon landing 1.8 seconds later, your injuries will be assessed by the Lovely Nurse who is going camping with me later. I expect you will learn the most important lesson of all that 30 feet is a terrible height to fall. Not high enough to kill you usually, not low enough you can tuck and roll. Now, Bobby, your mother seems to be looking at the pickled okra table...I think it's your turn.

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    I definitely had the cowboy outfit for my Joe. It was one of my favorite outfits as it let Joe be "Casual" when he wasn't out on a mission. That oraange and Blue outfit shows up a lot on ebay too, and if memory serves, the blue color will run onto the orage if it gets the slightest bit wet.

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    Cool pic! I have never come across the camping set before. Is it a Canada exclusive? The tent and backpack no luck. I think the training tower is very kid friendly. It's got wheels? Awesome dude!!! Let's play. Logic had no place in my 7 year old imagunation.

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