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Thread: Winter is coming

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    Winter is coming

    And so is Christmas. In just a few weeks. And while we've all been super happy to see our favorite toy return to the stores, there's one thing we HAVE to do to ensure the hobby survives, and that's to get these figures into the hands of the kids/grandkids. Kinda hard to do these days when most kids faces are buried in some sort of screen, but we have a great opportunity in a few weeks to at least try and get them interested. After all, we ain't gettin any younger, and if this line is to survive, the kiddos are gonna have to take up the mantle.

    Speaking of the phrase "Winter is Coming". I don't know if anyone from the company hangs out here, but my vote for new line of figs would be, among others, Game of Thrones. Yes, only the adults would buy them, but they would be cool

    Happy Hunting everyone!
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    ^I plan on doing just that with the kids I'm getting for. And I know two adults who are getting the Full House two pack as gag gifts.

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    And lets not forget the toys for tots and other holiday gift donation programs...

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    The 14" Superheroes are ideal for children, I wish my kids were younger, it'd be a Mego Christmas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palitoy View Post
    I wish my kids were younger, it'd be a Mego Christmas.
    Well, you know the saying....


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    Interesting.speaking of Christmas .every year one of the tenants in the building I work always puts toys by the tree for christmas.i always add something.this year it's megos.i bought "14" blue Batman and Superman for two boys.and wonder women and Harley Quinn for two girls.i may give a flash away too.i don't collect that size but I like them.i did keep a blue Batman Superman and wonder women for myself..I like the idea of putting megos in the hands of kids..

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