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Thread: Top Five License we want Mego to do next

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    Obviously, Marvel would be huge. Personally I'm waiting for smaller DC stuff. Perhaps you all could do two packs on the super heroes, one of the originals and one of the modern Superman, Iron Man, Batman etc. I think you need to look at some licenses of programs kids watch today, Dr Who, Stranger Things, stuff like that in order to get the kids hooked. I'd love to see Wrath of Khan stuff. A two pack of TOS Klingons, Kor and Koloth, Kang and Mara.

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    I'd be all in for a Land of the Lost Sleestak---not sure about the other characters. I'd like to see other Sid and Marty Krofft, too--Witchiepoo, Pufnstuf, HooDoo, the Lidsville midget hats.

    Barnabas Collins

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    Aug 8, 2012
    I'm clearly the odd bird out, but I'll sorta quote myself from the previous surveys. Also given the mix of what's included in Wave 1-3, perhaps these are not so fringe anymore.

    • Worlds Greatest Monsters Revival… celebrity/tv, classic, cryptozoology, fantasy. It's a line that could last for years… and aren't the new monsters proof of concept/demand?!?

    • Good Times… definitely not for all, but they definitely should have been made back in the day.

    • X-Files… still a guilty pleasure that keeps hope alive the 21st Century. Seems just as relevant as ever.

    • Apes!… but it has to be special, new characters/designs and accessory packs… not repeating the previous efforts of EMCE & NECA. C'mon, 50th Anniversary something!

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    Nov 17, 2012
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    I miss screen printed suits and capes that I associate with the brand. I'd love to see anything that takes advantage of that. For me, it's not about licenses, it's about a toy that is fun to play with and looks great. I never watched an episode of Battle of the Planets in my life, but I think I'd buy the Megos.

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    Mego should DEFINITELY attempt a Marvel workaround by working with Universal (which still hold some of the rights, I believe) to do Incredible Hulk TV Series figures! Fans really want this and it fits Mego perfectly. The Hulk, David Banner, Jack McGee, then other '70s TV heroes like Spiderman & Captain America. It wouldn't infringe at all on what Hasbro is doing with modern Marvel characters.

    If Mego couldn't work it out with Universal to do the monsters, this may not work either. Someone should try, though.

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    None of the 5 on the video grabbing me. Land of the lost maybe a little. For me, till marvel is on the table, monsters. Mego has already proven they are money makers. So for me, cryptozoology creatures. There have been at least a dozen series in as many years on TV. That shows the level of interest. Next, Dark shadows. Two different series, 3 full length movies, complete DVD release and vintage comic books. Huge cult following. The night stalker. Again, 2 made for TV movies, a complete series and comic books. Plenty of easy to make monsters here, again a huge cult following. The X-files. This show ran for 11 seasons, at least 2 feature length movies, comic books and at least one toy line. Finally, real life Western figures. Not movie characters, the real versions. Wyatt, Doc, Buffalo Bill, Billy the kid, ect. No license required and, a horse you sell separately. That's my 5. The cool thing is, not only are they all money makers, 2 of the lines wouldn't even need a license to make!
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    WorldMego Why not revisit what was on the table before


    Since Mego attempted to put these out I would still like to see Grease come out. They would fit in prefect with the Happy Days lineup.

    The next collection I would strongly want would be Archies or Archie Super Teens:
    1921086-archie_and_friends_double_digest_7.jpgArchie's Pal Kevin Keller #11.jpg

    with Riverdale pulling in great ratings this would be a gold ticket. I still see people post on twitter about buying Archie Digest, these are reprints and people are just now discovering them thanks to Riverdale.
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    Hogan's Heroes


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    I agree with Hedji. Screen printed suits are the ultimate. They are classic Mego. To echo what others have stated, I would love ElectraWoman and DynaGirl, Greatest American Hero, Tron, Princess Bride, X-Files, original Lost in Space, more monsters, and V aliens.
    Chris, we do need Monster Squad movie figures ASAP.
    I want new headsculpts for Trek WOK maroon era uniform figures. I really want Saavik, Khan, Next Gen crew, Ferengis, DS9 crew, Voyager crew figures, and a ST:TNG Mego playset. Can we get new Klingons and a Klingon playset? I'll take new Borgs, and a recently converted crewman as well. TOS Chapel, Vina, Pike, Number one, Kevin Riley, Telarite, Trelane, Harry Mudd, Desalle, Spock's parents, Talosian, Mugato, sweaty Captain Tracey, Edith Keeler, female Romulan commander, Klingons, Ruk, Andrea, Dr. Corby, Ellan of Troyius, Zarabeth, Miramanee, and Kirok!
    Would it be too much to ask for Terminator, Predator, Big Trouble In Little China, Spinal Tap, Alien Nostromo crew, and Aliens marines?
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