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Thread: Target has MEGOs on sale agin

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    Quote Originally Posted by KLAATU View Post
    Not to disagree with you, but I have visited 6 to 8 Targets on a regular basis since the new Mego releases (I live in a large metropolitan area), and I know most of the figures have not made it onto the local shelves. I've seen none of the Wave 2 14" figures and only a few of the Wave 2 8" figures (Gorn, Starchild, Greg Brady, Richie Cunningham). Definitely none of the Wave 3 figures have made it onto the pegs. The peg-warmers are Alice, Action Jackson, Norm from Cheers, and (surprisingly) Sulu and Chekov. The 14" Zod is always available.
    Ah, you're not actually disagreeing with me, you're agreeing with me.

    I said Target had Mego on the shelf, not that it had good characters on the shelf. I actually predicted this months ago, that Wave 1 was going to choke up the system and make it as if Wave 2 and 3 never existed and that seems to be the case for most the country. Too many peg warmers.

    But Target IS stocking the figures was my point in the post above. Almost every Target has several pegs for it and most are full. I haven't heard any reports of people going to Target and there being no Mego on the shelf due to sell outs or whatnot. I know some stores didn't get them early on and there was some confusion during the resets, but it's never been a case of Target not putting the figures out as far as I know or at least not a widespread issue. It's that someone decided to make Tootie and Alice figures in large quantities and set up a system where those figures would have to sell out before Frankenstein and the Wolfman could show up.

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    There is 10,000 of each 8'' figures, and yet it seems like there are millions of wave 1
    TV show peg warmers, and less than a few monsters. It's crazy to keep pumping out
    peg warmers ,Greg Brady and Cowardly lion are now starting add to the peg warmers.
    Some of us questioned who would buy TV shows in July . It's not rocket science to see
    what figures are selling, and hold back on Brady Bunch, and Happy days.Everyone is blaming
    Target but Mego came up with the selections. More monsters was a no brainer.The 6
    Targets that I check don't know anything about release dates for Mego
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    FYI, Flash and The Joker are up on the website

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